Precast concrete panels for commercial industrial applications

From our precast concrete factory, Duggans offers a full range of products which include precast concrete panels, floor planks, beams, columns and prestressed components. Precast Concrete lends itself to many different finishes such as colouring, aggregate exposure, form liner patterning and texturing, stencilling and polishing.

Our precast concrete panels are manufactured quickly and efficiently in a quality controlled environment. This allows fast, high quality and cost-effective construction on your site, and is less effected by adverse weather conditions. With the elimination of formwork on site, waste and labour numbers are reduced dramatically, improving the sites working conditions, safety and efficiency. Other benefits in using precast concrete and in particular insulation sandwich panel technology are the thermal and acoustic properties, the design freedom and the weathering and corrosive resistant qualities that add to its durability.

Our precast concrete construction process

Operating within the one quality framework, aggregates are supplied from our quarry to our batching plant to produce the concrete that is then supplied to our precast concrete factory. This process offers maximum control of quality and design, and along with the pre stressing capabilities ensures high strength and durability necessary for manufacture of precast concrete panels including insulation sandwich panels that can be used in specialist areas.


Our drafting department offers design services and boast a growing portfolio of designs in the commercial building sectors, warehousing and residential housing. We work closely with architects and engineers to ensure the client’s needs are met.


Use of precast panels

Precast concrete panels now dominate the Australian construction market for commercial and industrial cladding in factories, warehouses and shopping and office complexes. They also play a major role as skeletal structures for houses, hospitals, schools, sports stadiums, the marine environment, and bridge and multistory carpark construction.


Duggans has manufactured a full range of standard and customised structural elements for the civil, marine and building industries in Tasmania for over twenty five years.

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