Quarry products for construction and land development

Supplying both External Customers and our own Batching Plant and Civil Departments, our Quarry continues to upgrade the crushing facilities to ensure quality products, immediate supply and minimal environmental impact.

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Duggans Environmental Management Plan is available to view upon request.

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To ensure all project requirements are met, from the small jobs such as annual driveway topdressing and acreage fertilising, to the larger scale developments requiring everything from the underground drainage to the garden bed dressing, outsourced products such as lime and dolomite, topsoil, gum chips and specialty sands are also stocked.

Quarry products for commercial application

We have a range of large scale quarry products available for commercial developments such as road bases, as well as concrete products.

Read more about our Large scale quarry products for commercial and industrial construction.

Quarry products for residential application

Sales of quarry products are available for residential use in landscaping, gardens and concrete driveway preparation. Transport can be organised through our weighbridge system.

View our full range of affordable residential Quarry products for landscaping and gardening.

Duggan’s operates several mining leases, mainly in the Huon district, with it’s main hard rock quarry at Cradoc, the only hard rock quarry in the area, supplying the full range of quarry products to local government, builders and individual customers of the Huon Valley and Lower Channel market.

Our quarry operations, complete with on-site crushing facilities, maintains a long-term resource of bluestone. Quarry products are processed through the on-site premix concrete batch, and are used by civil construction and earthworks departments, and a state of the art precast factory in Cradoc.

Quarry products include:
  • Road sheeting materials
  • Drainage and filter rock
  • Concrete aggregate
Base and sub-base road building gravels:
  • Armour rock
  • Concrete gravels
  • Sub Base material
  • Scalpings
  • Bluemetals and dust or combination (FCR)
Other earthworks products include:
  • Concreting bedding and bricking sands
  • Gum Chips
  • Soils
  • Concrete car stops
  • Concrete paving slabs

Quarry Gravel



Gum Chips

40/60mm Drainage

20mm Drainage

20mm Concrete Gravel

10mm Blue Metal

7/10mm Drainage

7mm Blue Metal