Precast concrete homes

Precast concrete panels are ideal for home building as they are highly insulated, fire resistant, low maintenance, affordable and attractive in a range of finishes.

Precast concrete homes gain strength over time, they are not weakened by moisture, mould or pests and because they are compact and non-porous they are very low maintenance. These advantages are gained with both a combination build of outer precast concrete walls and timber/plaster internal walls and an entire precast concrete build, including precast concrete wall and floor panels.

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The cost of the energy to heat and cool a house with a combination build of precast outer and timber insulated internal walls is less than a conventional brick veneer dwelling.

The insulation sandwich panel is even more energy efficient.  An exterior reinforced concrete layer is separated from a thicker interior layer by rigid insulation, as shown in the diagram below. When a precast concrete home is heated, the internal concrete walls absorbs this heat, stopped by the insulation, and is then released back inside when the heat is turned off. This system of energy storage evens out the thermal peaks and lows and helps save energy costs.


Precast concrete home construction process

Once your home foundations are laid the precast concrete wall and floor panels can usually be erected in one day (depending on the size and architecture of a house). The electrical substructure is incorporated into the precast concrete panel. The building site of a precast concrete house is more efficient than a conventional build, with less clutter and overlap of trades. It is also a more environmentally friendly site with less noise and dust.

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