Precast concrete products for architectural applications

Duggans precast concrete factory manufactures a sophisticated range of architectural precast concrete products including walling, load bearing panels and multistory façade elements, all in a range of finishes to suit all commercial industrial, infrastructure and residential projects.

Architectural precast concrete is a high technology which is a favoured cladding material for monumental buildings, other prestige buildings and hotels. Its use in residential buildings is increasing and is also becoming popular for use in street furniture.

The shape of the precast concrete panels is determined by the moulds that are custom made from steel. We have experienced carpenters and fabricators who build moulds for all our precast construction requirements.

The size of the precast concrete panels are built to order, to a maximum weight of 20 tonnes for a single panel and the transport height and length restrictions. This ensures constructed panels are delivered safely to site and without damage.

Precast finishing

Architects and designers can use rubber mould liners to create a range of patterns and textures in our precast concrete walls and panels.


Finishes in precast concrete products can be achieved through:


Our drafting team will work with you to ensure all your technical and design requirements are met. All precast concrete products have the ability to be both practical in every aspect of structural and environmental obligations but at the same time possess the beauty desired by the client.



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