Concrete suppliers for commercial and industrial requirements

Our Concrete Batching Plant produces a wide range of premix concrete to suit all build site requirements. We have a fleet of concrete trucks, which includes two 7m3 capacity and we can assure you of large quantity supply and fast delivery.

There are a number of different premix concrete mixes for all types of applications:

  • General purpose concrete – general concrete applications such as concrete slabs
  • Micro fiber mix – used for structural applications reducing shrinkage and reduction of or replacement of reinforcement
  • Fluid mortar mix – simplifies the process of laying pipe or cable enabling quick workability
  • Rapid setting mix – accelerated setting time allowing for quicker formwork removal and subsequent job stages to commence earlier
  • Architectural and decorative mix – textured or smooth surfaces in a range of colours and exposed aggregates
  • No fines mix – for use behind block walls.

Quality Concrete - Everytime

Using our own quarry produced quality aggregates in our pre mix concrete, proven mixes batched by our experienced team are delivered to site for any industrial application, including concrete slabs, coloured concrete and concrete formwork.


Existing concrete mix designs and new designs are supported by our in-house laboratory testing and backed up with its technical reporting. If your customer or their job have a requirement we can help you find the concrete type that is suitable for that application. Duggans can ensure you get the right product for the project.

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